Are the classes online?

Yes, the classes are online! We offer a few different options for different students' schedules—live online classes with video reviews, recordings with video reviews, and recordings only.


You will log into an Adobe Connect Classroom using a link sent during orientation week. No membership is required but you will need to install the Adobe Connect plugin the first time you sign in. You will sign in as a guest and Mr. Stewart will let all students in class at the class hour.

What type of software do I need? 

For The Animation Course, there is free or low cost animation software available, but you will need access to a computer that will run it or if you would like, you can choose to run your own software. All you need to do is be able to show your animation in a video. Since our classes teach animation and are not specific to a certain software program, it allows you the freedom to choose your own software while still learning about the exciting world of making your creations come to life through animation!

The Drawing Course requires no specific software, just pencil and paper and a way to scan/take a picture of your work.


We recommend the 2018 version as of January 2019 because that is what our assignment videos are recorded in and since 2019 didn’t come out until the new year, we didn’t have time to update our assignment videos.

when installing maya?

When the process asks for an educational institution, you can either “add” The Animation Course or the name of the school your child’s education is connected to. You will also need a 3-button mouse.

When installing FlipBook 6?

The discount code does not work anymore because they have decreased their price to $19.99 for the lite version, which is all you will need for our class. You might want a digital drawing pad, like the Wacom Intuous or the Huion to draw on to work with the software. Otherwise, you can work on paper and just scan your work in.


Most all computers that can stream a movie will be able to handle the live classroom. Depending on what kind of software you choose, you will need to check the specs to see if your computer can run other software necessary for the course, Maya and/or FlipBook.

what if i am a part of a charter school?

Only when your school will be paying for the cost of the class:

Full Class: Decide which class to register for and in the payment drop-down box, please choose the “$50 deposit now…” and then choose the class desired in the second drop-down menu in the course and format section. Then go through the registration/check out process but you won’t be required to pay anything if you use the discount code – CHARTER – this will allow you to register and use a PO to pay for your class. Please make the PO for $350 for a one-time invoicing.

Recordings ONLY: Choose the full payment now of $150 and use the code - CHARTER150 - this will allow you to register and use a PO to pay for your class. Please make the PO for $150 for a one time immediate invoicing. The pdf with all of the links will be sent to you for your use as soon as the PO is received by our office.

Are the classes only for kids?

No! Adults are very much welcome! We don’t run classes for adults at every session, but check with us and get added to our interest list.


We use Google Drive for assignment turn in. You will receive specific instructions on how to access your student folder during orientation week.

Are they graded?

Yes! Unless you choose the Recordings Only course format, which does not come with grading, students' homework is graded and given a video review by a professional animator.

Are your classes refundable?

We have a policy that explains our cancellations and refunds HERE!


Got more questions?

Don't hesitate to ask!